"Driver's Wireless Audible Green Light Notification Device"



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Welcome to DUDAD.net, the home of the DUDAD, Driver's Wireless Audible "Green Light" Notification Device.  

Are you or do you know a truck driver that has had to wait for the red light on the loading dock door to turn back to green to pull away and retrieve your paperwork so you can get on the road and start making miles and money?  If so, you may be interested in the DUDAD.  When you arrive at the shipper to either deliver or pick up a load and are told to back up to a certain door and wait for the green light to retrieve your paper work, you can simply attach the DUDAD to an extension pole and lean it on the green light after you back up to the door.  Turn it on and whether the light is still green or the red light has already come on, the DUDAD will send a signal to the small receiver up to 1/2 mile away to sound the alarm when the light has returned to green.  This will enable you to do anything besides sit in the seat you've been in for hundreds of miles already and stare at the light for possibly hours waiting for it to turn green again.  You can sleep, or do anything you want without having to check to see if you have a green light and are done loading or unloading.  If you are in need of uninterrupted quality sleep and it is ok with warehouse policy that you are at, you can lower the landing gear, pull the fifth wheel pin, and pull forward a couple inches to clear the king pin and dump the air in your suspension so you won't feel the trailer shaking around every time the forklift enters and exits the trailer.  The receiver is much like a pager from back in the day that can be carried with you up to 1/2 mile from the transmitter/light sensor or plugged into your power port in the sleeper and will sound a loud alarm when the light returns to green.

The benefits of this device are possibly endless.  Some of which are:  Better sleep to ensure you are fresh and ready to go when they are done loading or unloading you and you will be awakened as soon as they are done as to not waste any time sleeping longer than you need to and having to be woken up by the warehouse personnel.  Time saved, which directly results in money saved and earned and in turn, the DUDAD will pay for itself in a very short time.  The rest that can be gained has a myriad of benefits such as better mood and attitude, and health, which can lead to lower health care costs and happier relationships with spouses and everyone the user comes into contact with.

My sincere thanks for stopping by DUDAD.net and reading about the DUDAD.  I hope this device can be of help to you or someone you know and make their job of transporting everything every person in America uses, an easier one.  Please check back frequently for updates, pictures, and a new videos and please, email me at Chris@DUDAD.net with any questions you may have.

Chris Barbeau