We have recently entertained the idea of possibly bringing in an investor if one becomes interested to speed up the process of making the DUDAD a reality for all that need and want one. I am working as hard and as fast as I possibly can to make the DUDAD available as soon as possible although I am still working in the trucking industry and my time to work on this project is somewhat limited. I WILL build and grow this business regardless of whether an investor comes on board or not although it will happen a lot quicker with just a small amount of capital.

   I am willing to entertain any ideas you may have as far as investment amount and terms and I have also come up with ideas for a few other products for the trucking industry that I haven't started working on yet but will develope them when I have the time to. In the event that you would like to become a part of Improv Innovations and all of the products that we develope under that umbrella, I would enjoy talking with you about that also.

   Their are approximately  3.5 million trucks on the roads and highways in this country every day and approximately 90% of those trucks are refrigerated or dry van trailers that would benefit from using a DUDAD.  If each one of those 3.15 million reefers and dry vans purchased a DUDAD we will do between $267,750,000 and $504,000,000 in sales at retail price and between 236,250,000 and $441,000,000 in sales at wholesale price.

   An investment of $150,000 would provide enough capital to develop proprietary electronics, acquire inventory to satisfy orders, and to mount an aggressive marketing campaign. At 15% of the business, the roi would be between $35,437,500 and $75,600,000 if we reached the full market capacity. At merely 10% market capacity, the roi is still extremely attractive.

   I perform customer development every day by educating every truck driver I see about the DUDAD. Each and every driver I talk to reacts with enthusiasm when they realize that they will be freed from the burden of checking for a green light and becoming more fatigued from waiting without the ability to shut their eyes for a while when DUDADS are available. This will happen faster and reach many, many more drivers with an investor on board but as I've stated previously, I WILL build and grow this business and help as many drivers as I can regardless of whether an investor comes on board or not. 

  Not only though is the possible return on investment very attractive but also the great feeling that comes from knowing you have been a huge part in making truck driver's lives better and easier and making the trucking industry as a whole more efficient which directly positively affects the nation's economy.

  If you may be or anyone you know may be interested in a great investment opportunity please don't hesitate to contact me at my cell (352-502-2119) or by email at chris@DUDAD.net

"Driver's Wireless Audible Green Light Notification Device"